Peixoto & Peixoto - Top 5% Melhores PME de Portugal

Distinction “Top 5% Best SMEs in Portugal”

Peixoto & Peixoto was distinguished, for the 3rd consecutive year , with the “Top 5% Best SMEs in Portugal” certificate, by Scoring. A distinction that we are very proud of, and that we aim to maintain over the years.

The certificate is awarded to Portuguese companies, public limited companies and limited liability companies, to entities that are subject to mandatory publication of accounts, and that have a turnover of 100 thousand to 50 million euros, and that have up to 250 employees.

The financial assessment, through scoring, is determined by the economic performance and financial strength indices, using the ScorePME method. Economic and financial consistency is assessed, with a performance and solidity index above 80%, with these companies being the “Top 5% Best SMEs in Portugal”. The evaluation indicators are as follows:

-Profitability of sales (EBITDA/Vol. neg.);
-Profitability of assets (EBITDA/asset);
-Solvency (Own capital/liabilities);

-General liquidity (CP assets/CP liabilities).

At Peixoto & Peixoto, there are pillars that we do not give up , and we work daily for customer satisfaction, for valuing and respecting people, for social and environmental responsibility, with innovation and trust, so that together, we can achieve the goals and solutions for a successful present and future. It is based on the motto, “Together we create solutions” , that every day we aim to be better than the day before, laying the foundations that allow us to achieve success.

A special thank you to all our Employees, Customers and Suppliers , who allow us, year after year, to continue on our journey of learning and growth. Next year we will be here, to continue writing another chapter in this story, together with all of you.

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