Complaint book

We are sorry that you are unhappy with us. 

At Peixoto & Peixoto SA we try to receive and serve all those who visit us in the best possible way, and we make an effort to resolve any questions and disputes that may arise. 

But unfortunately we don't always succeed. 

The close relationship we seek to maintain between all our employees, customers, suppliers and friends often helps in solving problems that inevitably arise in the course of life. 

So, if you are dissatisfied with any of our services, methods, responses, services, or any other matter, we remind you that we always have the doors open to solve everything possible in good faith. Our contacts are also available to help with whatever is needed. 


If you really want to file a complaint in the Electronic Complaints Book, you will be directed to the appropriate page by clicking here, being redirected to the Platform. 


Decree-Law 156/2005, of September 15th, which implements the Complaints Book, was amended by Decree-Law No. the existence of an Electronic Complaints Book. 

According to articles 5-B and 5-C of the aforementioned DL, the supplier of goods and/or service provider is obliged to have the electronic format of the complaints book, and must disclose access to the Platform on their websites.