Yanmar V80 - Existe algum limite?

Yanmar V80 - Is there any limit?

In 2020, the company Vimasol purchased a Yanmar V80 loader to assist its pellet production unit in Celorico de Basto. From that date until today, the machine has continually delivered proof of productivity and confidence in a work rhythm that challenges finding the limits of what is possible .

The Yanmar V80 already has more than 18,000 hours! Yes, there is no extra zero in the previous sentence. The loader works in shifts and already has 5 digits on the display, in just 4 years!

We wanted to hear the testimony of this success story and that's why we spoke to Vimasol's Operations Director, Engineer João Ferreira , who told us more about the day-to-day life of this machine that has already crossed borders!

Can you talk a little about Vimasol?

Eng. João Ferreira (JF): Vimasol is a company founded in 2003 to install energy systems with renewable energy sources.

And this factory?

JF: The factory opened in 2008 and is dedicated to the production of wood pellets, producing around 11,000 tons per year. We only use by-products from the wood processing industry exclusively, that is, we only use sawdust to produce our pellets, without any tree felling or crushing. We work in a circular economy, providing an increase in the value of the byproduct.

What was the reason for purchasing the loader?

JF: Due to the increase in production capacity, (...) for the volume of sawdust that we ended up managing every day, there was a need to switch to a larger machine.

Why Yanmar V80?

JF: What obviously led us to buy the V80 was relatively easy, if we already had the Yanmar V4, if the support from the distributor, Peixoto & Peixoto, was always positive, it gives us confidence!

What role does the machine play in your daily life, and why do you work so many hours?

JF: The machine works every day, and is available 24 hours a day . It is the fundamental piece for the production process to occur, that is, the machine ends up being the guarantor that there is input of raw materials into the process, which is why it works all the hours it works.

That is why the reliability of equipment is essential....

JF: (...) a lot of things in the industry work like this, and a small part can stop production, and that's what we want to avoid as much as possible, hence we need trust and reliability, and that's what we realized from the machine, or from the brand representative, who is our direct supplier, which is Peixoto & Peixoto.

A success story where the equipment is proven to be at the service of a company's productivity . We work daily to continue to affirm and prove our equipment.

We would like to thank our client, the company Vimasol, and the engineer João Ferreira for welcoming us and helping to prove the reliability and durability of Yanmar equipment.

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