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Yanmar VIO10-2A Mini Excavator

Yanmar VIO10-2A Mini Excavator







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Excellent maneuverability and performance in difficult environments.

With the Yanmar Vio 10-2A variable chassis, it allows excellent adaptability to difficult environments. With the chassis extended it becomes a zero radius machine and when retracted even highly confined environments become accessible. Longer tracks increase stability and smoothness, while an extendable folding blade increases maneuverability. It also gains in performance, thanks to the powerful engine and advanced hydraulic system. The thoughtful and easy-to-operate design ensures that maintenance is a simple task.

Specifications ViO10-2A
Weight Shipping Weight 1145 kg
Operating Weight 1220 kg
Motor Type 3TNV70-WBVB
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 9.2 kw/12.5 hp/2000 rpm
Rated power 9.3 kW at 2000 rpm
Displacement 0.854 l
Maximum torque 52 Nm at 1600 rpm
Starter 12V - 1.1 kW
Battery 12V – 36Ah
Alternator 14V – 8.5A
Hydraulic system Maximum pressure 210 bars
Service pump Double piston pump with variable flow
Maximum flow 2 x 11 l/min
Hydraulic Tank 7.4 l
Performance Walking speed 2.1 km/h
Rotation speed 10rpm
Digging force (arm) 5.58 kN
Digging force (bucket) 13.72 kN
Tractive force at
Noise level (2000/14/EC & 2005/88/EC) 88 dBA
Fuel tank 12 l


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