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Yanmar YT359 Tractor Cab

Yanmar YT359 Tractor Cab



YT359 Cabine




Yanmar 60.0CV See catalog


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Feature Specification
Motor Engine Name 4TNV98C
Engine Power - UNECE Regulation No. 120 (kW) 43.9
Engine Power (hp) 60.0
number of cylinders 4
Engine Size (ccm) 3,318
Torque (Nm) 199.0
Motor Speed ​​(1/min) 2,500
Alternator (A) 12V/55
Battery (Ah) 12V/80
Displacement Section Transmission Type i-HMT-Vario
Brake system Multiple Wet Brake Disc
Traction 4WD Selectable
Turning Radius - Internal Radius (mm) 2,920
Number of Gears 3
Maximum Speed ​​- Highest Gear (km/h) 31.0
Towing Capacity - Unbraked (kg) 1,500
Towing Capacity - Braked (kg) 6,000
Maximum Front Axle Load (kg) 1,600
Maximum Rear Axle Load (kg) 2,300
Maximum Allowable Weight (kg) 3,675
PTO Power rear (kW) 33.4
Rear PTO, speed (1/min) 540/750
Rear PTO (type) 1 3/8", 6 splines
Mid. PTO, speed (1/min) AT
Front PTO, speed (1/min) 1,000
Front PTO: 2000 (1/min, 1" , 15 splines) Optional
Fuel tank capacity (L) 48
Hydraulic oil tank capacity (L) 29
Steering System Hydraulic Assisted
Hydraulic pump capacity (L/min) 55.5
Steering Pump (L/min) 20.1
Hydraulic Pump Implements (L/min) 35.5
Hydraulic Pressure (bar) 167
Hydraulic Connections 2 sets
3 Point Lifting Capability Rear (kg) 1,660
61cm behind the pick-up point - Rear (kg) 1,400
frontal (kg) 850
61cm behind the lifting point - Front (kg) 650
Dimensions and Weight Total Length (mm) 3,355
Overall Width (mm) 1,569 (adjustable rim)
Ground Height (mm) 380
Wheelbase (mm) 1967
Height (mm) 2,310
Weight (kg) 2,150
MidMower M60 Cutter Width (cm) AT
MidMower Cutter Cutting Width (cm) AT
Cabin Yes


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